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Bibikovna designed by Alexandra de Bibikoff, was started in 2015, bearing in mind it could be an opportunity to renew and yet transmit the timeless and authentic heritage of traditional french fashion for children, proposed by outstanding craftsman.
Evolving since her childhood amongst the Parisian « Haute Couture », Alexandra Bibikoff gives smocked dresses a new vitality, as they are decorated with elegance and refinement.
From a harmony of carefully selected fabrics such as the gingham, a must immortalized by Brigitte Bardot, the liberty that dusts off the summer dressing, as it brings spring into the air, the designer Alexandra Bibikoff draws a breath of fresh air in a creative walk.



The expertise of Alexandra Bibikoff brings together all the talents required to design dresses that little girls want to wear.
This collection is indeed targeted for them, with great sensitivity and a real romantic touch.
The choice of subtly associated patterns and colors games, is akin to excellence. It is above all a celebration, an inspiration, that Bibikovna offers girls today.



Bibikovna elegantly dresses small bridesmaids during memorable family gatherings and adapts to various events, as customizations can be prepared in collaboration with Alexandra Bibikoff, the designer. Smocking patterns, hats, flower braids, gloves, shades of colors, so many possibilities to offer a unique product.
Today you can accomodate the Bibikovna collection at home and quietly with your child select her little princess dress thanks to the designer’s website,




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